Armony Residence is located on a cool mountain side overviewing the ocean and the islands nearby. It takes only 15 minutes driving distance to and from the Mahe International Airport and 10 minutes driving distance to the Mahe Quay port to and from Praslin/La Digue Islands.

Armony Residence is only 2 minutes walking distance to the bus stop on the main road of La Misere, and to the popular “Panoramic View Point” which is a popular spot for the celebrities to do photo shootings and filmings.

Armony Residence being located in the centre of Mahe Island facilitates shorter travelling distance and avoid the traffic congestions to arrive to the central town of Mahe which is Victoria and to all the beaches around Mahe.

Armony Residence location allows easy and short distance to the popular interesting places to name a few:-

Restaurants and light meals: Chili Steak Bar, Butcher’s Grill, Eden Plaza, Hyper Market, La Misere Exotic Garden and more information for restaurants and other interesting places is available at Armony Residence.

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Places nearby

Just to name a few
View Point

View Point

< 1 Km away
Clock tower

Clock tower

Centre of Victoria
5 Km away
Grand Anse Mahe Beach

Grand Anse Mahe Beach

8 Km away